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Our group gym sessions are a fun and socail way to get fit.

There is a maximum of 8 people in a group and the sessions are led by Zoe or Theresa. The sessions focus on a combination of cardiovascular training, strength and core exercises with a stretch to finish.

The first table below show where we have a regular slot available in a group. Sessions are £6 per hour and to secure your session you will need to pay in advance for the month. We offer pay as you go weekly at £7 per hour session. Priority will be given to clients wishing to pay in advance to keep a specific session.

The second table shows where a regular client is away and these sessions can be covered for £7 per hour.

To book a session please call Zoe on 07931 546858



We have the following regular slots available: 

Monday 17.30-18.30 3 Spaces
Monday 18.45-19.45 (mixed group) 3 Spaces
Monday 20.00-21.00 3 Spaces
Tuesday 10.00-11.00 2 Spaces
Wednesday 9.00-10.00 2 Spaces
Wednesday 19.45-20.45 (mixed group) 1 Space
Thursday 11.30-12.30 4 Spaces
Thursday 17.30-18.30  2 Spaces
Thursday 18.45-19.45 (mixed group) 5 Spaces
Thursday 20.00-21.00 5 Spaces
Friday 10.45-11.45 2 Spaces

Updated 4/2/19

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