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We are not an ordinary gym, all of our sessions are led by a qualified instructor to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your gym session. We are passionate about the service we provide and we want our clients to enjoy their time here and train in a supportive, positive enviroment with like minded people.

What makes our gym different?

  • Training in a small group is sociable and you are more likely to keep going
  • Having a trainer keeps you focused and motivated
  • Your sessions are varied and challenging so you won't get bored
  • As this is a private gym you won't feel self conscious as you have the gym to yourself
  • You can have a regular time slot to make this part of your routine
  • If you have an injury your trainer will work with health professionals to ensure you are getting the right training and advice


 Above all Zoe and Theresa will make the sessions fun and enjoyable!




HomeAboutGym ClassesPilates ClassesPilates Workshops