The Fitness Suite @ The Highwayman
Norwich Road (A140), Creeting St.Mary, Ipswich IP6 8PD

Due to Covid and to social distancing regulations we have made some changes to our business

We are now :

We offer Pilates classes and Fit & Tone classes 

Pilates: Our classes are for beginner / intermediate level and focus on core stability, posture, strength and flexibility. If you have not tried Pilates before Zoe offers a one to one session to learn the basics, and to discuss any specific issues to ensure we advise you correctly in class. Our classes are now reduced to 8 people to ensure social distancing and mats and equipment are sanitised between classes.

Fit & Tone: This class offers a combination of low impact cardio, strength and core work. It it ideal for beginners and those who might want to work a bit harder! If you don't like the gym and you are unsure of what to do and how to do it, and you like a bit of motivation this is the class for you! You have your own mat and area and all equipment is sanitised between each class. Due to socal distancing we allow 8 in a class.

There are 2 ways to book:

You can book a monthly block - Pilates £7.50 per class and Fit & Tone £6.50 per class - this secures you place and as long as you pay your monthly block that space is yours, you are tied in and can pull out at any time. If you can't make a class we can advertise that space for you and if we get cover we reimburse you the following month. To book a block please call or text Zoe on 07931 546858.

You can pay as you go subject to availability - Pilates 8.50 per class and Fit & Tone 7.50 per class - to check and book online go to www.bookwhen.com/exercisetherapyclasses

One to one sessions are available for Pilates and Rehabilitation, 1hour sessions are £40. Contact Zoe for more information.

Zoe also offers Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Scar Massage. Our Therapy Room is located in Pettaugh, Suffolk.

More information about what we do is also available on our new website


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